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One Two Three Squirrel, Ltd have gathered professionals from the various fields of Film, TV, Event and other Entertainment under one brand to combine these talents utilizing years of professional experience to produce and deliver top of the line productions.Let us market your brand with our expertise in Social Experiences, Social Media, and Media Productions.

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Social Experiences

With a vast knowledge and proven track record we deliver top of the line Social Experiences wether it be a marketing campaign online, a brand awareness display or sales oriented marketing events.


Creating a Social Experience lasting the entire winter season in the two major ski resorts in Sweden, targeting all age group with various activities. We had over 10 different actives launched during the campaign and are able to combine brand awareness and direct sales campaign, offering a time of fun, snow, winter activities and products from the most popular beverage brand in the world.


While not being allowed to promote online gambling in Norway we approached Norwegians visiting neighboring citys in Sweden where we, during the World Cup, arranged for screenings in popular venues, where we had offers from NordicBet along with great co-sponsor deals from related products enabling us to attract and activate players on-site building the brand awareness as well as increasing the turn around for players in Norway.

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In launching the SensoTouch3D from Philips a Brand Awareness event series was created to showcase the product around the Scandinavian countries. A display
area containing a full service grooming area was created where people could try the product themselves or getting a shave from the expert personnel that were
present. This successful tour quickly had sales added onto it with partnerships with local retailers for every stop.



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